Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rachel's Dress Up Center

Well, Baba (Chinese word for daddy) has been hard at work again. He made a Dress Up Center for his little princess. I decorated it, and after a couple of failed attempts, I finally finished my part of it. It has wheels and she will be able to wheel it in and out of her closet. I can't wait to see it put to use!

This is the green side.

This is the pink side.

These are her princess dresses.

It also holds her accessories.

It fits nicely in the closet and can be wheeled out when she wants to use it.


  1. Too cute! She definitely has a little girl's dream room!

  2. Roberta, there is nothing amazing about us. What is amazing is that you are still sane after waiting all this time for you LOA. I keep praying that each day is THE day. There is going to be much rejoicing when that day comes...the shouts and jumps for joy will be heard and felt around the world! HUGS

  3. ok....i LOVE this! did he use a kit to make? i would love to make one for our house. we have a drawer FULL of dress ups!

  4. Angie, I saw the dress up center on a blog a few weeks ago. Then we found the plans on another blog. Here is the link to the plans.