Thursday, September 8, 2011

For Rachel

The day we found out our confirmed travel dates for our China trip, our son, Aaron, wrote a poem for his Rachel. He wrote it in 5 minutes...he is talented like that. I have read it over and over and will continue to do so the rest of my life. It hangs in a frame in her bedroom, and someday she'll be able to read it for herself. Nothing tells us more how he feels about becoming a big brother to a little sister than the words he penned for her. Thanks, Aaron, we love you so much!

For Rachel

The time has come for frilly things,
For pink polka dots and golden rings.

The time has come for a grand adventure,
For soon comes a gift from God, a little sister.

Around the world there she is,
God is protecting her, her hand in His.

From a land so far, but a love so near,
A new addition, a girl so dear.

Very soon on that September day,
We'll rejoice aloud and together pray:

The time has come for frilly things,
Pink polka dots and golden rings,

God bless us with your great love,
We thank you for our Rachel, sent from above.

By Aaron Krominga

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