Friday, August 26, 2011

Rachel's Bedroom

When I as a little girl I dreamed of a girly-girl room. One where I could play for hours and hours, or where I could bring friends to play dolls with me. I was definitely a doll-lover! When I was 8 my first niece was born, and I was in heaven when my sister gave me her newborn clothes, bottles, and blankets for my dolls!

Of course, bringing a daughter into our home was a chance for me to live some of my dreams and give her some of what I never had. I know it will change over time with her likes and dislikes. For instance, she may hate pink! But for now it is what I would have like when I was a little girl.

Here are some pictures of her room. I hope you will see how much love we put into every detail. 

View of her room looking toward the window and closet

Rachel's Disney Princess bed

This is a poem that our oldest son wrote for Rachel.

This is Rachel's walk-in closet.

I love the saying "Always Kiss Me Goodnight".

I've had a few people ask about where to get the Chinese name framed art. These are actually tin tiles that I painted using MSWord, tracing paper, paint, and black marker. I bought the tin tiles at Goodwill...and they were ugly....but I love how they turned out!

Every girl needs a place to hang her princess attire!

These are the shelves that will hold her toys and books.

The bow shelves will hopefully hold some China treasures when we return home.

This was an ugly brown dresser, but now it is fit for princess!

Before my mom died she told me over and over she wanted me to have this bed. Now it is Rachel's.

Notice the prayer shawl? It was made by a dear friend named Frannie.

We made this "crown" from an old, ugly, upside down planter.

Every girl needs a place to put ALL her shoes! The shoes here belonged to a very special little girl, some of which she never got to wear. Even if the shoes don't fit Rachel, I will treasure these pics that show that there was the possibility.

A peek in into Rachel's walk-in closet.

A view of her room...
Rachel's Grandpa made the chair, and we painted and decorated it!


  1. If it were any sweeter I'd have a cavity by now!! She is going to LOVE IT!

  2. That is the perfect little girl's room. Leave space for one more dolly!

  3. Can you pm'd me to tell how you did the 'Planter' thing with the bed!

    Aswell, where did you get the framed art for her Chinese name. I would love that?!



  4. Can you email me too with where I might find the framed art with her Chinese name! I love it!