Friday, August 12, 2011

The long awaited....


...has arrived! TA stands for Travel Approval! 

We could be headed for China in 12 days! There are 2 provinces that must have confirmed Civil Affairs appointments before you can get a Consulate appointment in Guangzhou, and of course our daughter is in one of those provinces. So we have to wait until early next week to get appointments confirmed. IF we can get our Shanxi Civil Affairs' appointment on the 29th of August then we can leave on the 24th and come home on Sept. 9th. The next 2 dates would be Sept. 14th or Oct. 5th. We are most definitely praying for an August 24th please pray with us!



  1. Wow! I was out of the loop camping!!! Congrats!! So excited for your family!! We traveled Sept 9-24th, 2 yrs ago!
    Whatever the date, it is getting so close now!!

  2. Congrats! So happy for you! I can't wait to hear about your trip. We will be about 6 weeks after you. We're going to Shanxi too!

  3. Any news yet? Can't wait to see that little one in your arms! :)

  4. Kim, I updated on the Taiyuan Yahoo can find out dates there! We can't wait to have her in our arms either...soon it will happen!