Monday, May 9, 2011

Good news/Bad news

I've been waiting all day for a call from our adoption placing agency telling us we've received Letter of Acceptance. I guess today just wasn't the day, BUT we did receive great news! This is the good news portion of this post....we received a letter stating we will be receiving a $3,500 grant from Show Hope founded by Steven Curtis Chapman! Yippeee! We are so excited and sooooo very grateful!!! That puts us that much closer to our goal.

Speaking of goals...this is the bad news portion of this post....we are going to have to up our goal to $12,000 from $10,000 for our travel expenses because the cost seems to be going up daily. If our timeline stays on track we will be traveling during a peak period and add to that higher gas prices and the increasing value of the RMB...well that makes for an increase in practically every aspect of travel. And believe me, we'll be praying for good deals and we're pretty good at making pennies we'll do our best to keep costs down.

Please pray with us as we venture toward the next leg of this journey!


  1. YEAH!!!! This is sooo exciting! God has shown you today though that He will provide. Just keep on keeping on!!

    Soo cool!